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Family reunion

Ontario weekend getaways - Group Atv Guided Tour

Creating Quality Family Time Together

Welcome to Thrill Seeker ATV Tours! We specialize in creating unforgettable family gatherings filled with adventure and quality time. Our ATV guided tours offer the perfect opportunity to bring your family closer together through an exciting and unique experience. Whether you have a small, close-knit family or a large extended clan, we design memorable outings tailored just for you.

Tour info


1.5 / 3.5 Hrs Tours

Group Size

4 - 20

Tour package Includes

ATV Rentals, guides, safety training, equipment, trail pass

meeting location

113741 Hwy7, Kaladar, ON K0H 1Z0

Why take this tour?

Thrill Seeker ATV Tours has been organizing unforgettable family gatherings for many years. We can cater to any size of family and are able to assist with additional activities or accommodation planning to make your event stress-free and seamless. What better way is there of showing your family how much they mean to you than giving them an adventure on our ATVs that they will never forget?

In order to make your trip extra special, we will capture the entire adventure on GoPro cameras and provide you with a professionally edited highlight reel at no extra cost! Check out our treasure map to find all the fun things that are around here. Besides, we can also arrange for a private wine class with a local brewery or even organize some accommodation through our partners if it would help in creating a more spectacular family gathering.

Steps to Book

  1. Determine Your Group Size and Your Preferred Tour Date(s)

  2. Receive Accommodation and Activity Options (Free video call if needed)

  3. Return the completed form to our team for processing

  4. Confirmation and Deposit

  5. Our team will organize all the details and put together a tailored schedule for your event.

  6. Enjoy Your Adventure!

  7. Arrive on the scheduled date, ready for an exciting and memorable ATV guided adventure. Our experienced guides will ensure your group has a safe and exhilarating experience.

  8. After the event, receive all photos and footage, along with a professionally edited highlight video, to cherish and remember the fun.

If you’re ready to make memories with your loved ones at Thrill Seeker ATV Tours, then call us now so we can start planning an adventure that will bring your entire family closer together while providing unforgettable experiences for all ages. Let us transform your family gathering into something thrilling and unforgettable!

If your group size is above 8
please contact us directly to book

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